Straw Country can deliver the best quality pine straw to your location!

Larger deliveries including full trailer loads (1064 to 1386 bales) of pine straw can be brought to you by semi trailers.  Smaller loads of fewer than 300 bales of pine straw will be handled by one of our fleet of smaller vehicles. 

All deliveries are made by professional, Straw Country uniformed personnel in Straw Country logo vehicles.


Not only does Straw Country offer the highest quality pine straw in the world, but we also provide outstanding installation service to our clients including:

  • Pine straw spreading
  • Trenching edges
  • Tucking in edges
  • Blowing the area clean

Prices Per Bale

Slash (Long Needle Red)Long Leaf
Picked Up$3.59 + Tax$4.00 + Tax
Delivered$3.85 + Tax$4.25 + Tax
Delivered & Installed$6.80 (Tax Included)$7.50 + Tax

Our Services

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